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  1. When it's not your turn to die.
  2. A Must Watch #3
  3. So how long does it take to drive 80 miles?
  4. Happy 57th Birthday Rob! (22nd of March)
  5. better searching than Google Street view
  6. Happy Birthday ricktas! (24th of March)
  7. Whoo-hoo!
  8. Move over Susan Boyle
  9. Happy 44th Birthday MarkChap! (28th of March)
  10. Tassie must-see/do's
  11. R.I.P Michael Peterson
  12. Happy 45th Birthday sunset! (30th of March)
  13. Skeptical / Rational thinkers?
  14. Happy 68th Birthday Mary Anne! (2nd of April)
  15. how time flies.
  16. Happy Birthday beeps! (4th of April)
  17. In the middle of the night WHOOMFA!!!!
  18. Doh!
  19. Lost for words with what i just watched on tele.
  20. The 2012 London Olympic Games
  21. Happy Birthday Sarge! (9th of April)
  22. Abstract Renders
  23. explain this photo?
  24. Facebook pays $1 billion for Instagram...??
  25. Sony reported to have lost US$6Billion last year
  26. Happy Birthday CherylB! (13th of April)
  27. Insect riding a bike into sunset (Telegraph UK)
  28. Back soon
  29. A timely Reminder to always check your doors are locked...
  30. BOM Weather Radar Loop
  31. Wednesday Funny
  32. Pulitzer prize 2012 winner.
  33. Hammerforum.com - Is your hammer bigger & better than mine?
  34. Wanna fly the Space Shuttle
  35. Happy 71st Birthday Riverlander! (19th of April)
  36. Is it an age old gender thing?
  37. Happy 32nd Birthday jasevk! (21st of April)
  38. Happy 61st Birthday olefella! (22nd of April)
  39. Happy Birthday Epoc! (22nd of April)
  40. Happy Birthday Dwarak! (23rd of April)
  41. Michael Jackson VS Elvis Presley. Epic Rap Battles
  42. Feeling invaded (CISPA discussion)
  43. Facebook buisness page rules..
  44. What a mare...
  45. Heart breacker
  46. Happy Birthday Redgum! (29th of April)
  47. a bit of hope
  48. Motorcycle riders, please be careful ... really REALLY careful.
  49. Happy 30th Birthday Tjfrnds! (30th of April)
  50. Happy 46th Birthday kiwi! (1st of May)
  51. Fast Go Kart on the streets (USA) Its eally fast
  52. Nikon D3s on the Shuttle
  53. Visit in Japan
  54. Best Video Capture I'll ever see
  55. Happy 60th Birthday Norman! (4th of May)
  56. The Indian Myna and my moral dilemma
  57. Happy Birthday Analog6! (5th of May)
  58. FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now [another dumbo yank law]
  59. This is un-be-freaking-lievable!! She is made of rubber!
  60. Men we can pee anywhere! (comedy)
  61. Wanna get a grasp om how insignificant we are?
  62. The Light of Stars
  63. Stickman
  64. Happy Birthday Milbs1! (11th of May)
  65. Greatest card trick : EVER
  66. Happy 26th Birthday Skullobsessed! (13th of May)
  67. Happy 31st Birthday Sammi! (13th of May)
  68. Virtual flight over Asteroid Vesta
  69. Something to Ponder
  70. Camera Lens cups on Zazz today
  71. Not Outstar79's Clifton Lake, but...
  72. Error 37 rage... (video - foul language warning)
  73. How much fun could you have with a camera here??
  74. Monday Madness
  75. State of Origin. Do you care who wins?
  76. Happy Birthday rookie! (22nd of May)
  77. This Sunday is the day
  78. Nothing to sneeze at!
  79. Happy 54th Birthday B D H! (24th of May)
  80. Happy Birthday Elvie! (25th of May)
  81. Around the World in 90 mins
  82. Google Glass project
  83. Left or Right handed ?
  84. When everybody is a 'photographer'
  85. Interesting Image
  86. Kangaroo Island Holiday
  87. Paypal and ebay experiences - anyone ?
  88. Photographing the Venus Transit?
  89. Confused about Gumtree
  90. Happy 51st Birthday Mark L! (4th of June)
  91. Whats on your walls?
  92. The Venus Transit Live
  93. My names Dave and im an Alcoholic
  94. Prometheus
  95. Peacock Spider - another one for Mary Anne
  96. A Venus Transit Music Video
  97. Urgent WA Weather Alert - Threat this Evening
  98. Happy Birthday One Click! (13th of June)
  99. Happy Birthday MandyC! (13th of June)
  100. Bored in the middle of the week?
  101. ahem!
  102. I love word play. Some good funnies
  103. Yippppeeee... It's about time!
  104. Something I read on Facebook
  105. Happy Birthday Ionica! (16th of June)
  106. Happy 55th Birthday ashey! (17th of June)
  107. what storage/blogging device do you use while travelling
  108. Happy 54th Birthday JulesJ! (18th of June)
  109. The weird things you find on the net
  110. have you updated Firefox lately? .. new feature??
  111. Earthquake
  112. Mobile phone coverage
  113. Happy 62nd Birthday WhoDo! (22nd of June)
  114. Happy 47th Birthday Karl! (25th of June)
  115. Who said DOGS go whacko-o-o-o-o-o?-?-?-?
  116. One for Darren (KIWI)
  117. Stop The Super Trawler...
  118. Published Again - Divelog Australia
  119. Happy Birthday arnica! (2nd of July)
  120. Music
  121. The dead duck *Wednesday evening funny*
  122. Another Wednesday Funny
  123. We're Safe/Gravitional Tractor
  124. Internet Doomsday a ticking timebomb to hit Monday
  125. Happy Birthday nuoz! (9th of July)
  126. A Mars Panorama from NASA
  127. Allergic reaction to Cannon.... no really!
  128. Happy people dancing/NASA
  129. Happy Birthday leanneqld! (12th of July)
  130. Wont be on here much
  131. It really IS a small world...
  132. ASIGN Observatory II is back on track!
  133. How a Galaxy forms
  134. I'm baaack!
  135. Canon Vs Nikon : Ford Vs Holden : what about Microsoft vs Ford?
  136. Happy 43rd Birthday wallywoo333! (22nd of July)
  137. building my first Quadcopter (few pictures)
  138. The EU is in a mess
  139. A Boy he did a-Rome-ing go
  140. Strange SMS caller ID, a gumtree ad, and scamming... or nothing at all!
  141. Fencing team found with banned substances in olympic village
  142. Happy 38th Birthday yummymummy! (27th of July)
  143. Camera Warfare
  144. Don't think about buying rental properties
  145. Just found out I have 4 more Nikon lenses than I realised
  146. Happy 84th Birthday StanW! (2nd of August)
  147. Curiosity Lander/7 minutes of Terror
  148. Dont think this guy will be happy
  149. Large format camera
  150. 2012 sucks
  151. Happy 66th Birthday jgknight! (8th of August)
  152. Happy Birthday AnnieP! (9th of August)
  153. This may be against site rules because I never took the photo but I don't care...
  154. Motor Accident Commission - South Australia
  155. OOF! Shaken your head lately?
  156. Happy 53rd Birthday Nanny! (11th of August)
  157. My computer :(
  158. Happy 63rd Birthday William! (12th of August)
  159. Up close and personal with a whale calf!
  160. Happy Birthday umajo! (13th of August)
  161. Rail Safety Week - 13-19 August - Use your brain - tracks are for trains
  162. Things keep going wrong!
  163. Olympic Humor
  164. A Word of warning.
  165. Funny A must see vid
  166. And YOU thought that YOU were brave.
  167. How do I kill this
  168. Red kites filmed at 2500 fps
  169. Happy 54th Birthday dbax! (21st of August)
  170. glug! glug!
  171. What's On?
  172. Stunning Images, and what he draws them with will amaze you
  173. Not a bar joke
  174. Remembering Neil Armstrong
  175. Happy Birthday peterb666! (29th of August)
  176. New lenses
  177. We need this airline in Australia!!!
  178. Happy Birthday etherial! (1st of September)
  179. New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo
  180. Saturday afternoon funny
  181. Doco on portraitist Disfarmer SBS Sunday 9 Sept
  182. STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW! : become a pirate
  183. Happy 40th Birthday TEITZY! (4th of September)
  184. Happy 47th Birthday Tommo1965! (4th of September)
  185. Chico and Harpo Marx playing the piano together
  186. A Handy Site/Weather
  187. Want to help our Soldiers (and dogs) in Afghanistan?
  188. Happy Birthday jasnat! (10th of September)
  189. And your favourite author is?
  190. Vote for my daughter's art?
  191. Happy Birthday Kerrie! (12th of September)
  192. Happy Birthday davearnold! (12th of September)
  193. Happy Birthday Chinook! (12th of September)
  194. google weirdness
  195. Searching for yourself, and wanting to find yourself, take a whole new meaning
  196. Happy Birthday ktoopi! (18th of September)
  197. Happy Birthday kaiser! (18th of September)
  198. Happy 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' for 2012 (Sept 19)
  199. Happy 49th Birthday Goatch! (20th of September)
  200. a funny thing happened on the way home from geelong
  201. Darkroom?
  202. iPhone HELP!!!!!!! No Wifi after update iO6
  203. Do not, i repeat, do not upgrade iphone to io6!!!!!!!!!!
  204. Happy Birthday mcmahong! (27th of September)
  205. Happy 50th Birthday Sar NOP! (27th of September)
  206. Universal jokes?
  207. This may be payback for Apple!
  208. Riverfire Wilson's Point - Parking?
  209. Maximum oversatuartion...
  210. In serious need of a moderator?
  211. Totally OOF but maybe useful for those saving for new lenses and on a budget.
  212. Happy 45th Birthday invisible! (1st of October)
  213. Gotye Old School Computer Remix
  214. A Question for the Audiophiles
  215. Norwegian roads are insane - I just HAVE to drive this one someday
  216. Happy 48th Birthday Primal Eye! (6th of October)
  217. Happy Birthday peterking! (11th of October)
  218. Happy 58th Birthday gabby! (12th of October)
  219. Do you ever think about what you post on the net?
  220. Happy 47th Birthday selaw! (13th of October)
  221. Where's Tannin
  222. Photo Screensavers
  223. I want to be a cameraman (billionaire parody)
  224. This has been doing the rounds...
  225. AP Sydney Members : Do you recognise this boy
  226. Yey! Permanent Resident!
  227. Camping locations
  228. This dog knows how to have fun!!
  229. Move the deer crossing signs
  230. Green Cheese out of favour...
  231. Do you think it's time for a sensor clean ?
  232. Happy Birthday Gurdy! (21st of October)
  233. Beverages on Location.
  234. Happy Birthday Michaela! (25th of October)
  235. Happy 46th Birthday Duane Pipe! (29th of October)
  236. General Grant?
  237. Happy Birthday mudman! (30th of October)
  238. The value in Registering AND Insuring your parcels.
  239. Tablets for kids (computer not meds!)
  240. Melbourne Cup Giddy-yup
  241. Happy 29th Birthday nc1183! (5th of November)
  242. Hilarious spam in my blog comments
  243. Happy 51st Birthday pjs2! (9th of November)
  244. Surprise surprise.
  245. "Aussie Battler Style"
  246. "Super Storm Sandy From Formation to Landfall"
  247. Happy 49th Birthday cadman! (10th of November)
  248. Happy Birthday Roosta! (11th of November)
  249. Margaret's Hits World Championship Tour Status!
  250. Happy 47th Birthday 41jas! (15th of November)
  251. Pets can kill too.. Not just dangerous breeds
  252. Bee-eep! Bee--eeP! You think that's bad?...
  253. Everyone wants to be a photographer
  254. Hello! I am suffering here!
  255. Rail safety message... dumb ways to die... gone Viral
  256. Happy 42nd Birthday BigBear! (25th of November)
  257. Funny or Scary?
  258. Happy 65th Birthday Renzo! (28th of November)
  259. Ausphotography Christmas Wishes thread
  260. Happy 57th Birthday gary! (3rd of December)
  261. Helichopter flight over the 12 Apostles
  262. Dirty bird bath
  263. Tattoo's for or against
  264. Happy Birthday FallingHorse! (10th of December)
  265. Happy Birthday TaraJ! (10th of December)
  266. Before you complain about how much photography gear you carry.......
  267. UK defamations laws might change - for the worse... Watch what you post!
  268. For the endless edification of AP-ites... (Bleauh!)
  269. How are ya - MATE !
  270. Holidays for 2 weeks
  271. HEELLPPP!!!
  272. An Aussie Psychiatrist in Salt Lake City
  273. The number 1 Interstate Highway
  274. Happy 23rd Birthday Noel22D! (22nd of December)
  275. Drive Safely this Festive Season
  276. Spam email - fremanfighter@dune.com
  277. A Merry Pre-Christmas?
  278. Happy 55th Birthday Ian! (27th of December)
  279. Non-Photography item reviews.
  280. RIP Tony Grieg
  281. Woo Hoo They're nearly there!
  282. Focus of a different kind - This is how to play rock!
  283. Swell Rising/East Coast
  284. Happy 69th Birthday Speedway! (3rd of January)
  285. Sad : Albert Namatjira ghost gums destroyed in fire
  286. Fires in Tasmania
  287. OOF, or Felonious Feline
  288. Autism Awareness - a video of my son I'd like to share :-)
  289. Still Hot
  290. Fires. A plan to make a plan, is not a plan.
  291. Happy Birthday Wayne63! (8th of January)
  292. Bushfires : Stay Safe everyone!
  293. In the beginner there was Abraham...
  294. Happy 69th Birthday Floribunda! (11th of January)
  295. Pretty well sums up my thoughts as well.
  296. So THAT'S why Australia is so hot, and partly on fire...
  297. All APers OK in and after fires?
  298. Major storm warning
  299. Anyone following the Dakar?
  300. Take a tour of the international space station
  301. macro Clamps
  302. Photoshoot in the Canadian Wilderness
  303. Lens as a Coffee Mug - Novelty item
  304. Happy 51st Birthday jim! (20th of January)
  305. (No Text - Just a thought)
  306. Finally some rain - but maybe oo much
  307. For the Baby Boomers
  308. Good tide/swell/firstlight etc site
  309. Death Wish
  310. Out @ Sea
  311. Happy 55th Birthday Kym! (27th of January)
  312. Is Instagram(Facebook) on a path of self destruction?
  313. Sth East Qld Flooding and Tornados ..... Stay safe everyone
  314. Unexpected change of plans for today's public holiday
  315. It's official - Queen abdicates!
  316. New laptop
  317. Great Rain App
  318. I think I'm losing the plot......I'm watching the Wizard of Oz, and thououghly enjoying it.
  319. Thank Goodness/I'm back
  320. Mathematics. The 'pure' science. Here's a formula for you
  321. Isn't it amazing how social networks can affect people..
  322. New Extreme Sport
  323. Starling murmmuration - millions of starlings flocking, quite amazing to see
  324. Problem with TPG/ADSL dropping out.....
  325. Table tennis boring ----- NEVER !!!!!
  326. Happy Birthday martycon! (6th of February)
  327. Scam warning
  328. Man Flu - Helpful advice
  329. One of my best pictures yet
  330. Happy 25th Birthday mercho! (7th of February)
  331. One of those " wish I had taken it " photos.
  332. Happy Birthday Ms Monny! (8th of February)
  333. Happy Birthday Wobbles! (8th of February)
  334. I dreamt I was taking a photo
  335. Technology
  336. Friday Funny : Ebay Warning
  337. True story
  338. Happy 32nd Birthday JSP! (12th of February)
  339. Happy 45th Birthday enduro! (12th of February)
  340. possible photo editing job in Iran
  341. Would you?!?!?!?!
  342. For the AP members with Tattoos.
  343. well that's something to tell and show & tell.
  344. Happy Birthday Greeny! (16th of February)
  345. Black Caviar wins #23
  346. "Not Again"
  347. Bazza's Iron-Man suit build
  348. Meteorite Falling in Russia/ NASA
  349. More rain
  350. Happy 34th Birthday outstar79! (22nd of February)
  351. Computer Crash
  352. Happy 34th Birthday outstar79! (22nd of February)
  353. Am finds bad language in salad story
  354. Happy 31st Birthday AdamR! (23rd of February)
  355. Not photography, but the skill in this is amazing
  356. Dominic is going bald for Cancer, please support him
  357. Coronal Rain on the Sun
  358. Happy 57th Birthday NikonNellie! (27th of February)
  359. MIA
  360. Footy Tipping 2013 AFL and NRL
  361. Worlds biggest ant colony
  362. Some LIGHT relief?
  363. Happy 45th Birthday ving! (7th of March)
  364. Tardigrades/Worlds wierdest animal
  365. Conclave in Vatican to choose new Pope on March 11th?
  366. Start the Weekend with a smile
  367. Happy 38th Birthday Quanita! (11th of March)
  368. Happy Birthday GoldZilla! (11th of March)
  369. Tip can chase rabbits all day now
  370. The warmth behind my knees is gone
  371. Duck Season
  372. What mobile OS do you use?
  373. Parafield Airshow
  374. Do you own/use a tablet?
  375. Question about dig tv
  376. This should give a headache to graffiti vandals
  377. Using Android tablets
  378. Samsung Galaxy Note II and Apple Mac
  379. ALP to go to the leadership punch on again
  380. Google Google...
  381. Y'all have heard an harmonica played..
  382. Black Caviar wins again
  383. Happy Birthday ricktas! (24th of March)
  384. A Laughing Kooka..Rooser
  385. Happy 45th Birthday MarkChap! (28th of March)
  386. When All Else Fails..
  387. Happy 46th Birthday sunset! (30th of March)
  388. Happy 69th Birthday Mary Anne! (2nd of April)
  389. Warning... Telstra has just adjusted your mobile phone time.....
  390. Happy Birthday beeps! (4th of April)
  391. My Posted Photos
  392. who has integrity in Australian public life?
  393. Happy Birthday Sarge! (9th of April)
  394. Kim Jong-Un and North Korea
  395. Black Caviar records win #25
  396. Ebay Scam/Fraud
  397. Does virgin hate Ausphotography?
  398. Road Rage? - In your dreams, mate!
  399. This is awesome : What happens with water..in Space?
  400. Happy Birthday coolie21! (21st of April)
  401. Happy Birthday Epoc! (22nd of April)
  402. Happy 62nd Birthday olefella! (22nd of April)
  403. Happy Birthday Dwarak! (23rd of April)
  404. Double Yellow Lines or Double White Lines?
  405. Chrissie Amphlett AND Richie Havens in one week :(
  406. Can someone tell me how this happened
  407. Cat-Copter
  408. Happy Birthday Redgum! (29th of April)
  409. Happy 50th Birthday Belly! (30th of April)
  410. Boy, I am tired
  411. Happy Birthday Analog6! (5th of May)
  412. I'm back....haven't really gone away!
  413. Wayward wagtail turns up far off course
  414. Website Hosting
  415. Sunrise Photographers Bonus
  416. *Rant* - Aussie Post
  417. Happy Birthday Milbs1! (11th of May)
  418. Water Spouts in Yallingup WA!!!
  419. calender of events
  420. Happy Birthday rookie! (22nd of May)
  421. Happy Birthday GerryK! (23rd of May)
  422. Thursday Giggles : Call Me Maybe
  423. OK - Unsolicited Calls!!!
  424. Camera bag or Baby bag?
  425. Happy Birthday Elvie! (25th of May)
  426. Happy 25th Birthday kanesmadness! (27th of May)
  427. Tapatalk 4 - Android FREE
  428. Tassie here we come!
  429. Ever got stuck in a Tornado
  430. ***RAT'S TREK***
  431. Todays Australian Newspaper
  432. Talk about a glaring lack of inclusions.................WARNING - Risque content
  433. wedding photography and divorce
  434. Happy 52nd Birthday Mark L! (4th of June)
  435. Flickr "share"
  436. Off to watch some Rugby League
  437. Eye Problems
  438. You are not the Centre of the Universe
  439. Happy Birthday vk2gwk! (10th of June)
  440. The lion whisperer.
  441. bird-of-paradise ... wow
  442. Happy Birthday Ionica! (16th of June)
  443. move over Barbie and Ken
  444. Happy 56th Birthday ashey! (17th of June)
  445. Missing square puzzle
  446. Friday funny.
  447. Happy 63rd Birthday WhoDo! (22nd of June)
  448. OH, HOORAY!
  449. Happy Birthday Frank 44! (28th of June)
  450. The NSA's new data centre
  451. did you get the milk
  452. Happy Birthday arnica! (2nd of July)
  453. off to France in October
  454. Concentration and balance
  455. Paypal
  456. Happy Birthday nuoz! (9th of July)
  457. Puzzled
  458. Anyone else concerned about the way our country is headed?
  459. Happy Birthday leanneqld! (12th of July)
  460. The day the earth smiled.
  461. Routers......grrrrrr!
  462. Happy Birthday 2BAD4U! (16th of July)
  463. Happy 57th Birthday cherryw! (18th of July)
  464. The internet of things
  465. Qvo6 virus
  466. Happy 44th Birthday rossco! (22nd of July)
  467. Ferry booked for our move to Tasmania!
  468. Happy 44th Birthday paulheath! (23rd of July)
  469. Happy Birthday geoffsta! (24th of July)
  470. OMG : Deer Crossing Signs are in the wrong place
  471. Happy 39th Birthday yummymummy! (27th of July)
  472. Happy 27th Birthday ice! (29th of July)
  473. Happy Birthday Cheryl A! (30th of July)
  474. Happy Birthday AnnieP! (9th of August)
  475. Hi One and All.
  476. Happy 58th Birthday Koko! (10th of August)
  477. Happy Birthday Kyliev! (12th of August)
  478. Happy 64th Birthday William! (12th of August)
  479. Driving in Russia
  480. Dumb Ways to Die -- National Rail Safety Week 2013
  481. Computer Backups Windows 8
  482. No comments required, just sit back and laugh.
  483. Dolly Parton as you have never heard her before
  484. There are currently 710 users online. 138 members and 572 guests
  485. Happy 46th Birthday seastorm! (19th of August)
  486. Happy Birthday Cadnium! (19th of August)
  487. Darey is off on Holiday
  488. Im off
  489. A project I would like to do. Need help in how to get started.
  490. Happy 31st Birthday Whittler! (27th of August)
  491. Happy Birthday peterb666! (29th of August)
  492. Surviving a marriage break up. Might not be around here as often.
  493. Dinosaur Prank
  494. So Black Caviar's retired. What next?
  495. Photography Gallery
  496. Ever seen "Beware of falling rocks" signs? Here is why they exist
  497. Happy 48th Birthday Tommo1965! (4th of September)
  498. Can any horse beat Atlantic Jewel?
  499. Happy 24th Birthday LilOakie89! (7th of September)
  500. Happy 51st Birthday Apollo62! (8th of September)