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  1. Replacing a point & shoot superzoom - Oly SP100 vs Fuji S1
  2. Camera protection when in 4wd vehicle
  3. Lens issues
  4. New point-and-shoot?
  5. "Grey" Imports
  6. Unbiased advice sought
  7. Thoughts on gear for those of us starting again
  8. Canon G11 replacement - advice request
  9. Best compact p&S- Sony RX100 III or Canon G7 X
  10. DSLR autofocus system design and operation
  11. Lens hoods
  12. Aaargh...which travel tripod? Gitzo vs 3 Legged Thing vs Sirui vs MeFoto
  13. Varioscop 60 - Re-build
  14. LaForet: Dedicated Cameras are Coming to an End for all but PROS
  15. Hereby hangs a tale.
  16. New Dell U2415 IPS monitor...wow!
  17. Dell U2415 1920x1080 v Dell U2515H 2560x1440 v Dell U2413 1920x1200 Premiun Colour
  18. go figure
  19. Need some assistance with new gear
  20. The 2015 Ausphotography Camera Brand/ Camera Type /Sensor / and more : Poll
  21. Just set up my new Dell Ultrasharp U2515H Monitor
  22. Remember to change back
  23. Should i buy a MIRRORLESS or DSLR for shooting VIDEO? (My first camera)
  24. Viewfinder cover
  25. Mirrorless camera advice - A6000 vs the rest?
  26. 4k Dell Monitor
  27. Thoughts on the Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 DI VC USD.
  28. CF cards - does UDMA make a difference with older cameras?
  29. ok Arthur, why do reds oversaturate?
  30. Gear Challenge
  31. ND Filters
  32. Upgrading Lenses
  33. Best FF bodies for high ISO?
  34. A Canon 120MPx Camera?
  35. Buying lens online or in store .
  36. Lens qualities, other than IQ
  37. A Question about Filters.
  38. Used FF for Astro advice
  39. Going portable
  40. Autofocussing on manual focus lenses
  41. Is a teleconverter superior to a crop
  42. Camera Sales went down again in 2015
  43. First medium format purchase
  44. minimum focus distance
  45. New Lens Company
  46. SCORE !!!!!
  47. camera or lens issue?
  48. Flash head no external battery?
  49. New Bits and Pieces
  50. Samyang 8mm Fisheye for Canon 60D
  51. Canon 24-70 mk II vs prime lenses
  52. The 2017 Ausphotography Camera Poll : Brand - Sensor - Camera Type - Medium (digital/film)
  53. New camera
  54. Shopping around -= some shocks!
  55. Camera repair options
  56. Samyang 10mm F2.8 lens for pentax worth getting??
  57. Rating the birding lenses
  58. Recomended Lexar card reader
  59. Hands up: how many legs do you stand on?
  60. DSLR system smaller, lighter and cheaper than mirrorless!
  61. Home contents insurance (covering camera equipment) Options
  62. Any experiences with eglobal online store?
  63. Upgrading to an interchangeable lens camera system soon
  64. Floating Hide Gazza?
  65. Dead Sensor? Canon 7D mk 1
  66. Camera cleaning
  67. Advice on a compact travel camera
  68. Is this your new camera?
  69. Second Hand Camera and Gear stores?
  70. Is anyone using vintage/legacy/adapted lenses?
  71. Time stamp discrepancy between Canon and Linux computer
  72. Dropped lens needs re collamination
  73. Photokina 2018
  74. Camera with low RFI
  75. Does anyone use a Mitakon Zhongyi 20mm f/2 4.5x lens?