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  • ricktas's Avatar
    Today, 5:34pm
    Sure, but if you read the guidelines for even this year's challenge it states: * Members are encouraged to take their photo during the week of the...
  • Mary Anne's Avatar
    Today, 5:09pm
    If we don't find out till the Sunday evening what its going to be, it could make it harder for some who only have the weekends to shoot. Not sure...
  • Kym's Avatar
    Today, 4:51pm
    Kym replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    Keep a monthly hard drive copy of everything at work or grannies or anywhere "off site" - simple
  • ricktas's Avatar
    Today, 3:50pm
    I have has someone approach me with a suggestion for the 2015 member challenge, they were just unsure if it would work or if it was the type of idea...
  • farmmax's Avatar
    Today, 3:08pm
    There is a big difference between a surge protector and a ups, particularly one that conditions as well. My computer lost it's motherboard on the...
  • MissionMan's Avatar
    Today, 11:52am
    MissionMan replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    You used the sarcastic roll eyes (actually called "Roll eyes Sarcastic" if you hover your mouse above it) so yes, it does automatically come across...
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Today, 11:45am
    ameerat42 replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    Sarcasm? That's not funny.:( If my post was also not funny - a compendium of drawbacks of HDDs and a drawback of cloud storage doesn't have to be, I...
  • MissionMan's Avatar
    Today, 11:32am
    MissionMan replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    No need to be sarcastic. How about a pipe in your ceiling bursting and destroying all your electronics which happens often and has happened to...
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Today, 11:24am
    Well, ta for all the replies. I will first get a new battery - if cheap and no other reason not to. If it's not that, then a new UPS and a {}...
  • Hawthy's Avatar
    Today, 11:21am
    Hawthy replied to a thread Great Photos in :Shooting Help
    I think that joining the 2014/52 Members Challenge really helps people who are new to photography by providing a topic each week. For example, one...
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Today, 11:11am
    ameerat42 replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    This is definitely a drawback!! And that's not to mention floods, earthquakes, meteorite strikes, and invasions of ooze-secreting toads! (Who'd want...
  • MissionMan's Avatar
    Today, 11:04am
    MissionMan replied to a thread Great Photos in :Shooting Help
    My suggest is to find a photo you like and try replicate it. It may seem like copying but it's part of the learning process of understand what makes...
  • MissionMan's Avatar
    Today, 10:54am
    MissionMan replied to a thread Oh Crap!....... in :General Help
    I'd make the suggestion that you create an online backup as well. Some of the online backup tools now offer the ability to have everything sent to...
  • I @ M's Avatar
    Today, 10:34am
    Mark, most, if not all ups units are also surge protectors. The entire function by design of a ups is to allow sufficient time after the power is cut...
  • markdphotography's Avatar
    Today, 9:35am
    I have not used them at home but I do have a good surge protector that is more suitable for my application. I did have one at work and an audibe beep...
  • I @ M's Avatar
    Today, 8:51am
    We have 3 very reliable ups units here Am due to this area being notoriously prone to power failures ranging from seconds to days. One unit, a...
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Today, 7:59am
    ameerat42 replied to a thread Not happy Jan in :Out Of Focus
    A nice ending, but what was the blockage? - Or didn't they say?
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Today, 7:49am
    ameerat42 replied to a thread Great Photos in :Shooting Help
    Hi Rubykatz. I will move your thread to Shooting Help, as it is not really about Nikon gear, rather, just that you have it. And so to try to...
  • macmich's Avatar
    Today, 6:53am
    macmich replied to a thread Great Photos in :Shooting Help
    the easiest part of photography is pushing the button, the hardest part is getting good composition, i have plenty of time on my hands lately and...
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