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  • Leaping Lupo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35pm
    Yes, I waited nearly 10 months for the Nikon version of the Sigma 150-600 S lens, I was about to order a Sigma 150-600 S when Nikon anounced the...
  • J.davis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35pm
    I very rarely go to PS now that LR does HDR and Panorama, I use LR as a file system, and now, I don't have to go anywhere or change anything to get...
  • arthurking83's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:02pm
    Actually! I wouldn't mind if the product I purchase fails on me due to an obvious design manufacturing fault .. even if it happens on multiple...
  • Mark L's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:57pm
    Mark L replied to a poll Daylight Savings in :f/stop
    - - - Updated - - - But I don't have an iphone let alone take photos with one. It's not my camera of choice that I might be changing the time in...
  • Mark L's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:48pm
    I'm with Adam. MSICE does pretty good. I'll convert RAW files to TIFF and do the stitching. Then you can do what you want in PS.
  • arthurking83's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:40pm
    So the fact that it's circular means that it doesn't have any effect on the AF system. So that's a good start point. The next question is, does...
  • taztek's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:15pm
    Do you have this menu path in Lr...
  • BazzaBoy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:59pm
    Thanks arthurking83 and ricktas for your valuable inputs. I did try out the mirror test. Translucent from one side and completely opaque when...
  • mongo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:53pm
    Thanks for your thoughts Arthur. Believe it or not, they are very much in line with Mongo’s. What Mongo did wrong was break his own rule of NOT...
  • geoffsta's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:16pm
    I suggest MSice for those that don't have, or have limited experience with PS or Adobe product. And have it on an older laptop because of the less...
  • ricktas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:25pm
    ricktas replied to a thread Bathurst! in :Shooting Help
    Most A Grade sporting fixtures have the same conditions. Cricket, AFL, Tennis, NRL, etc all have conditions of entry restricting what you can do with...
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:24pm
    Same here, Adam.:D
  • ameerat42's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:22pm
    Rick. What a change. I'm usually the 1 who gets walloped! Cricket. Take your time with finding a hosting site. Make sure the T&Cs are not against...
  • martycon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:44pm
    martycon replied to a thread Ant Biting in :NOT FOR CRITIQUE
    I am glad that there are still some blackish hairs on me, somewhere. - - - Updated - - - It may have done so but I didn't hear it. Strangely,...
  • Smart86's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40pm
    Smart86 replied to a thread Bathurst! in :Shooting Help
    Well I never thought of that, kinda spoils the fun a bit? Are you on FB Shane?
  • ricktas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:39pm
    My advice, PRACTICE. Go out as much as you can and practice on cars in your street, on the highways etc. Learn what works and what doesn't. Learn how...
  • Smart86's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:38pm
    Thank you for replying Mark, it will be on public roads, closed sections of course so I'm guessing first in best dressed. I was not sure about using...
  • ricktas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:24pm
    ricktas replied to a thread Bathurst! in :Shooting Help
    One of the big reasons you will not get replies re Bathurst, is that conditions of entry mean that any photos you take can only be for personal use....
  • MarkChap's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:24pm
    As with many of these types of events, it is normally very hard to get the "crackers" as you seek. Unless you have been granted access with a media...
  • I @ M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:14pm
    I @ M replied to a thread Bathurst! in :Shooting Help
    The best advice I can give for the scenario in point form is ---- #1. Trade the Canon gear in on Nikon. Nikon will handle slow speed pans better...
  • arthurking83's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:07pm
    AK83 also sympathises with the great M too, and there's the biggest problem Nikon have going forward into the future. The other major thirdparty...
  • Smart86's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:02pm
    Hi folks, I am also looking for some tips for the upcoming Adelaide Classic motorsport event. Held over 4 days it should be a fantastic event for...
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